Telkom's SMPCS Presents Digital Network Service Quality for The People of Papua i

By : JG | on 3:44 PM March 06, 2017
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Entering the era of digitalization, PT Telkom Indonesia (Telkom) seeks to meet the needs of digital telecommunications access for the Indonesian people, including those living in the region of Papua. Through IndiHome Fiber service, Telkom provides high-speed Internet service, home phone, as well as interactive TV (UseeTV). For the Papua region, Fiber IndiHome service has been available in many cities, among others, Raja Ampat, Manokwari, Sorong, Fakfak, Kaimana, Biak, Sarmi, Sentani, Timika, Jayapura, Abepura, and Merauke.

Vice President Corporate Communication Telkom Arif Prabowo explained, "Until the end of February 2017, there were 11.876 subscribers in Papua, which has enjoyed IndiHome Fiber," said Arif. The existence of these services was supported by a network of broadband backbone optical fiber Sulawesi Maluku Papua Cable System (SMPCS) which was completed at the end of 2015 Telkom.

In addition, to support services IndiHome Fiber to homes, the network SMPCS also become the backbone system of Telkomsel communication cellular. Until February 2017, the number of Base Transceiver Station (BTS), which has been built Telkomsel as many as 2,378 units, of which 58.7% of them are BTS 3G / 4G. Infrastructure and services through Telkomsel ensure the comfort of communication for approximately 3.6 million customers spread in various regions of Papua. In fact, Telkomsel 4G service is already available in 14 City / Regency in Papua and West Papua.

To ensure more people can connect to the Internet network, Telkom has also built 30 Wifi Corner (Wico) with speeds up to 100 Mbps throughout Telkom offices, some public facilities, as well as universities in Papua. "For example, at the University of Cendrawasih, Telkom has built a 5 point Wico to facilitate students and professors connected to research journals are usually required to support lectures," said Arif.

For government institutions, Telkom presented Smart City services that have been exploited by the Provincial Government of Papua, Jayapura, and Manokwari District. These services include connectivity, e-government, access points, and CCTV.

Meanwhile, as a commitment to grow the national tourism industry, Telkom has put a landing point submarine fiber optic cable on the Raja Ampat, to support 4G services Telkomsel in one of Indonesia's leading tourist destinations.

"With the availability of the network SMPCS to Papua, Telkom has been able to present a variety of high-quality digital services for the whole society of Papua. This is in line with the government's commitment to abolish the digital gap in Indonesia, "said Arif lid.

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