Telkom's cooperation with BRI and LKBN Antara Strengthen the Synergy of Core Competence between BUMNs

Director of Enterprise & Business Service of PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom) Dian Rachmawan (far right) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on BRI Digitalization in Yogyakarta, Friday (19/5).

By : JG | on 4:54 PM May 24, 2017
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In order to strengthen the synergy between State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in terms of joint use of company resources to improve performance, Director of Enterprise & Business Service of PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) Dian Rachmawan and Human Capital Director & Assets Management PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI Bank) Randi Anto signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Digitalization of Bank BRI in BRI Yogyakarta Regional Office on Friday (19/5).

On the occasion, Dian expressed his gratitude to Bank BRI for the opportunity given to Telkom to support the management of information and communication technology (ICT) service of Bank BRI. "I would also like to thank BRI for giving trust to Telkom to become the main ICT partner provider for Bank BRI," said Dian. Dian Rachmawan reiterated, through this MoU BRI and Telkom have met the expectations of the State Minister of SOEs where every core competence between SOEs must be synergized.

Through Telkom's support, it is expected that the service quality of Bank BRI can increase. In addition, through various cooperation and synergy, it is expected that the competitiveness of SOEs at the national, regional and global level will be better so that SOEs in Indonesia can optimally become the locomotive of national economic growth.

On a separate occasion, Telkom and Perum Lembaga Berita Nasional Antara (LKBN Antara) formulated several models of cooperation to improve digital capabilities of LKBN Antara as one form of synergy between SOEs in the media and broadcast industry sector. The formulation of cooperation model is implemented in Jakarta, Friday (19/5).

Executive Vice President of Enterprise Service Division Telkom Siti Choiriana said that Telkom is ready to support the digitalization of Perum LKBN Antara through the provision of Telkom Group ICT service solution. "This cooperation model is expected to be a pilot project and reference examples for the synergy of SOEs, especially cooperation with state-owned enterprises engaged in the broadcast media industry. The project is also expected to become an example of cooperation for private broadcast media players, "said Siti Choiriana.

Meanwhile, Director of Commercial and Business Development LKBN Antara Hempi Nartomo Prajudi in his speech said about the need to accelerate the process of capitalization in LKBN Antara. "Innovation and change can not be denied, business is growing rapidly along with the development of technology towards digital," said Hempi Nartomo Prajudi.

To digitize LKBN Antara, Telkom through its subsidiary TelkomMetra prepares ICT service solutions from PT Infomedia Nusantara which has a business portfolio including Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) .

Telkom also involves PT Sigma Cipta Caraka which has a business portfolio covering IT Managed Services, Software Development, System Integration, IT Consulting & Advisory and Cloud Computing) and PT Metra Digital Media which has a business portfolio in media and advertising.

As the largest information and communication technology (ICT) service provider in Indonesia transforming into a global competitive telco company, Telkom is committed to providing quality ICT service solutions with guaranteed high level of network security and reliability to encourage the digitization and productivity of our customers, Especially BUMN and other corporate customers.

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