TelkomGroup Win the Predicate of Best Companies to Work

SGM Assessment Center Indonesia Telkom Teuku Zilmahran (left) received the HR Asia Best Company to Work for in Asia award from Dato 'William Ng (right) Group of Publishers & Editor in Chief HR Business Asia International in Jakarta (19/5).

By : JG | on 4:44 PM May 24, 2017
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PT. Telkom Indonesia Tbk (TelkomGroup) is once again awarded Best Companies to Work for Asia 2017 by HR Magazine. The award was received by SGM Assessment Center Indonesia Teuku Zilmahram representing TelkomGroup management at JW Marriott Hotel Jakarta, Friday (19/5).

On a separate occasion, TelkomGroup Chief Human Capital Officer Herdy Harman expressed his appreciation and gratitude for the election of TelkomGroup in the list of best companies to work in 2017 version of HR Asia Magazine. "We are very aware that talent is the most expensive commodity in the world. Especially with the increasingly tight business competition conditions require innovative steps in getting at the same time maintaining the best talent that can keep the company at peak performance "said Herdy.

The awarded companies were selected based on Employee Input and Employee Engagement survey results involving approximately 200 companies with diverse industrial backgrounds in Indonesia. Factors assessed include employee engagement, work culture, self-development opportunities, turnover rates, including the overall level of occupational injury resulting in employee job satisfaction. The survey results are then processed by a team of judges who are experts, academics, journalists and government representatives.

Based on the survey results, TelkomGroup is described as the best work place above the industry average according to the respondent's heart and mind. This is evident from the high assessments given for aspects of teamwork involvement, commitment to provide the best to customers and high motivation in career development in the company.

Herdy continued, various ways have been done by management to make TelkomGroup able to become a pleasant work place, such as by applying recruitment strategy appropriate with millennial characteristic, creating incentive mechanism, and competence development program that keep employees always motivated to produce their best performance.

"The awarding of scholarships as well as various training both national and global levels designed to enrich the employee experience, is a clear example of the programs that TelkomGroup is implementing to develop employee knowledge and skills. Not only that, various efforts are also made so that TelkomGroup employees have global competitiveness and become future leaders who have character. Among them are global talent programs, leadership development, coaching & mentoring, up to the application of fastrack career program, "Herdy continued.

In addition, to maintain work balance and social life of employees by providing opportunities to participate in community extracurricular activities through various social programs for employees such as Employee Volunteer Program, Olimpiakom, Photography Community and other social activities.

To ensure the convenience of work, TelkomGroup also facilitates workspaces that fit the Smart Office concept so as to encourage positive energy that can increase creativity and employee expression.

The whole step is very helpful for TelkomGroup in maintaining productivity and comfort work so that employees are motivated to always provide the best for the company to maintain its success.

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