Telkom CSR DAY: Rafi Ridwan Young Designers Indonesia Designing Celebrity World Clothing

Telkom CSR DAY: Rafi Ridwan Young Designers Indonesia Designing Celebrity World Clothing

By : JG | on 11:39 AM July 14, 2017
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Rafi Abdurrahman Ridwan or Rafi Ridwan, the 14-year-old boy is now a conversation of the world community. Rafi Ridwan is a deaf person, the youngest fashion designer in Indonesia as well as the world. His work is used by Tyra Banks in America's Next Top Model competition to Michelle Obama. On his 9th birthday, Rafi successfully held his mini-show in collaboration with Barli Asmara, one of Indonesia's leading fashion designers. The collection even had time to attend the most prestigious fashion show in the country, Jakarta Fashion Week (JFW) 2012.

Rafi's remarkable achievement attracted the attention of PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Telkom). BUMN, which recently commemorated its 52nd anniversary on July 6, specifically gave awards in the form of aid for Rafi to continue working. In Telkom CSR Days event held in Jakarta on 12-13 July 2017 in Jakarta, Rafi Ridwan became one of the young leaders who received the award.

Rafi deserves help because it is considered as a young figure of achievement and inspire the young. Through this award, Telkom hopes to encourage people, especially easy to give birth to new creations that are useful not only for itself but also beneficial to the environment.

Rafi Ridwan deserves the award, he is a true warrior. Born as a deaf person does not make his dream of becoming a world-class vanished designer. Rafi does not limit himself to dreaming. His dreams are always high, sometimes too high and seem impossible. In fact, at his young age, 14 years, Rafi dreams come true one by one.

Rafi who was born in Jakarta in July 2002 is still getting the right education Rafi attended Santi Rama, a school for deaf children. At Santi Rama Rafi started drawing. Interestingly, Rafi watched Ariel's character in the series "Little Mermaid" he had watched on television. He again asks her mother why the mermaid is not dressed like any other woman. Her mother confused again and then told Rafi to make a nice outfit for Ariel's character.

Starting from a sketch of clothes for Ariel, the talent of drawing Rafi began to appear. The picture he made was very different from the picture of his age children. He made a sketch of a vest and jacket for Ariel and when he saw Ariel on TV as a human, he also made a dress for Ariel. Everything he made was just a sketch with a color marker he had.

Fashion has become part of his life. However, for Rafi, fashion is not a business. Moreover, fashion is the way Rafi to talk to the world and fashion is also a lifestyle for Rafi, this spirit is what he wants to spread to young Indonesian children.

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