Telkom 3S Ready to Operate Remote Areas

SOE Minister Rini M. Soemarno (third right) with Telkom's President Director Alex J. Sinaga (third left) photographed after the inauguration of the Telkom 3S operation was accompanied by the Commissioner of Telkom Hendri Saparini (second right), Deputy Mining Industry Strategic and Media Ministry of SOEs Dawn Today Sampurno (left), Deputy Financial Services Services Survey and Consulting SOE Ministry Gatot Trihargo (second left) and Director General of Resources and Equipment of Post and Information Technology Ministry of Communications and Informatics RI Ismail at the master control station Telkom Cibinong (SPU Cibinong) on Monday (17/4).

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After successfully launched on February 15, in Kourou, French Guiana, Telkom 3S is finally inaugurated by the Minister of State Owned Enterprise, Rini M. Soemarno, accompanied by Director of PT. Telkom Indonesia (Telkom), Alex J. Sinaga in the master control station of Telkom Cibinong (SPU Cibinong), Monday (17/4).

The Minister of State Owned Enterprise, Rini M. Soemarno appreciate the presence of Telkom, which has successfully operated Telkom 3S. "With the operation of Telkom 3S, I hope that Telkom will increasingly become more active in sustaining the progress of the national industry, supporting the connectivity of the Indonesian nation and facilitate the communication throughout the country," said Rini.

Telkom's President Director, Alex J. Sinaga express his gratitude for the running of the entire technical procedure to Telkom 3S. "We are very thankful that the whole process, starting from the launch, the journey to orbit, to the traffic load successfully and is resulting according to the plan. We also hope that all the Indonesia people give our blessing during the operation of Telkom 3S," says Alex.

Alex further said, Telkom is now taking full maintenance of the Telkom 3S satellite after the signing of the handover on Thursday (6/4). "The management of Telkom 3S has been officially transferred from the satellite manufacturer of Thales Alenia Space (TAS) to Telkom. Moreover, 3S Telkom has also successfully gone through the process of loading the transponder without interruption in the customer, "explains Alex.

Telkom 3S journey from launch to various test procedures successfully passed according to plan. Two weeks after the launch, Telkom 3S run tests the C-band transponders in orbit transit 135.5 ° East longitude (BT). The testing went smoothly without any degradation. After that, the process of drifting out of orbit transit into orbit 118 ° E was also carried out as scheduled without any anomalies. Until the beginning of April 2017, Telkom 3S also managed via transponder testing Extended C-Band and Ku-Band are run normally without degradation.

Telkom 3S has a total capacity of 42 transponders or the equivalent of 49 Transponder Equivalent (TPE) consisting of 24 transponders C-band (24 TPE), 8 transponders extended C-Band (12 TPE), and 10 Ku-band transponders (13 TPE), to reach all parts of Indonesia, Southeast Asia, and parts of East Asia.

In addition to reducing dependence on foreign satellites, Telkom 3S intended to reduce inequalities in access to information throughout the country, particularly in the area of 3T (Frontier, Outermost, and Remote).

The entire telecommunications infrastructure that has been built by Telkom, including fiber optic submarine cables, terrestrial networks, supported by satellite communications systems, is expected to strengthen the national digital economy progress and support the government in building a digital society of Indonesia.

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