SOE Minister Inaugurates Telkomsel BTS in Remote Island To Provide Telecommunication Services

By : JG | on 3:02 PM August 08, 2017
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Minister of SOE Rini Soemarno accompanied by President Director of PT Telkom Indonesia Tbk (Telkom) Alex J. Sinaga, West Maluku Regent Barnabas Orno and Pangdam XVI / Pattimura Mayjen TNI Doni Monardo, inaugurated the operation of Telkomsel's BTS Transceiver Station (BTS) Village of Ustutun, Liran Island, Southwest Maluku District during a working visit to the Minister of SOEs Liran Island, Monday (7/8). Thanks to the presence of Telkomsel BTS, now citizens of Liran Island will no longer have the difficulty in accessing the internet with 3G Telkomsel signal.

Located in the north of Timor Leste, Liran Island is one of the outermost islands of Indonesia which is part of the Southwest Maluku District, Maluku Province. During this time, a small percentage of residents in Liran Island can only enjoy Telkomsel's cellular telecommunication network with international roaming rates. Thus, the operation of the first BTS on the island with a population of about 1,118 people is a form of BUMN's concern, especially TelkomGroup, as an effort to open telecommunication access for people in Disadvantaged Areas.

SOE Minister Rini M. Soemarno during a working visit with a number of BUMN directors in the Southwest Maluku District said that the presence of SOEs in Southwest Maluku District is a realization of SOEs commitment in carrying out the mandate of Nawacita government of President Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla, And the development of 3T Regions.

A day earlier on Sunday (6/8), Minister Rini also handed over the assistance of Broadband Learning Center (BLC) and Digital Library (PaDi) which was also built by Telkom at SMP PGRI Moa, Moa Island. On the occasion, Minister Rini established a dialogue with a number of students and directly try to access and use the application of PaDi.

"Through the BLC, students in Liran Island can now learn to use the internet optimally to gain insight and knowledge, and students can also access books, learning journals and other sources of knowledge virtually through PaDi. Through digital, with a lot of reading, we Indonesian nation, will surely be victorious and can master the world, "Rini said.

Meanwhile, Alex J. Sinaga hoped that the availability of telecommunication access in Liran Island could accelerate the economic growth of local people. "In accordance with World Bank research results in 2015 that the growth of 10% internet access in a country, can increase the economy as much as 1.35%. Thus, with the presence of the Telkomsel network, communication activities between Indonesian people from one island to another island is expected to run well. We also hope that the presence of TelkomGroup in Southwest Maluku Regency can help increase the economic level of the population here, "added Alex.

In addition to inaugurating of BLC and BTS in Liran Island, the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) handed over a number of donations, such as the renovation of churches, schools, school equipment, village and crop transportation vehicles, housing renovation, electrification of houses, schools and street lamps, Construction of drill wells and toilets, and rehabilitation of teacher housing.

Involved in these activities are a number of SOEs, namely Telkom, BNI, BRI, BTN, Bank Mandiri, Jasa Raharja, Kimia Farma, Pertamina, PLN, and Taspen. Development in Liran Island is also expected to be implemented optimally with the support of state-owned transportation and logistics sector, namely Pos Indonesia, Pelni and ASDP. All of these development efforts are the form of BUMNs Present for the State.

Photo Description: Liran 001: The inauguration of Telkomsel BTS in Ustutun Village, Liran Island, Southwest Maluku District, by Minister of SOE Rini M. Soemarno accompanied by Telkom President Director Alex J. Sinaga, Monday (7/8). The availability of telecommunication network in Liran Island is expected to facilitate access to communication and accelerate the economic growth of local communities.

Liran 002: Minister of SOE Rini M. Soemarno (fifth from right) was accompanied by Telkom President Director Alex J. Sinaga (fourth from right) after signing the inscription of Telkomsel BTS inauguration in Ustutun Village, Liran Island, Southwest Maluku District, Monday (7/8).

Liran 003: Minister of SOE Rini M. Soemarno (second from left) accompanied by Maluku Vice Governor Zeth Sahuburua (far right) and Telkom President Director Alex J. Sinaga (far left) when reviewing Broadband Learning Center (BLC) Telkom which has been installed in Digital Library (PaDi) at the Fishery and Marine Schools of Liran, Sunday (6/8).

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