Anies-Sandi to Reconcile With Rivals, Set Up Transitional Team, Unify Jakarta

Jakarta governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama, right shook hand with candidate of Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan, left, before having a meeting at the City Hall in Jakarta on Thursday. Anies, who won the gubernatorial race, based on quick counts from pollsters came to meet Ahok to discuss the city administration's work program. (Antara Photo/Hafidz Mubarak A.)

By : Carlos Roy Fajarta | on 7:01 PM April 21, 2017
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Jakarta. After receiving most of the votes in the second round of the Jakarta gubernatorial election on Wednesday (19/04), Anies Baswedan and Sandiaga Salahuddin Uno have reiterated that they intend to reconcile with their rivals, set up a transitional team and will strive to unify Jakarta residents after the much-divided election.

Anies and running mate Sandiaga declared victory after quick count results by multiple pollsters. 

Following his postelection victory, Sandiaga said in Jakarta on Thursday that he urges all residents to reunite after they were divided into factions during the gubernatorial election.

"No more prejudice, insinuations and mockery. Let us [put aside] the differences and unite for a better Jakarta," Sandiaga said.

The deputy governor-elect said he would focus on reconciling with Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama and Deputy Governor Djarot Syaiful Hidayat.

"We will work hard to fulfill the promises in our campaigns to Jakarta's residents and one of the starting points is to establish a transitional team with [the sitting] administration," he said.

Anies and Sandiaga also said that existing programs will continue, especially the programs that have proved beneficial to the community.

"Our goal is to serve the public well, without any discrimination. Civil servants who have performed well will continue to have a job, while those who deviate from our vision to serve the public's [best interests] will be cut off," Sandiaga said.

"We are thankful for [Ahok] and Djarot who have paved the way for us to continue to effectively govern," he said.

On Wednesday, at Rumah Kertanegara in South Jakarta, shortly after declaring their victory, Anies said that it was a milestone for him and Sandiaga to set off on a new journey to return justice to Jakartans.

"For us, our journey is just starting. What we have achieved is not only a victory in the election, but a victory to bring back justice to the capital city," Anies said.

Anies promised that his administration will remain focused on resolving social justice issues.

"Jakarta is the most diverse city in Indonesia, and we are committed to taking care of it, as well as fighting for unity in this city. We want to celebrate unity and diversity at the same time," Anies said.

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