Hooters Jakarta Holds Grand Opening in Kemang

Neil Bailey, president of Hooters Asia, and Arun Ratnaa, marketing director of Destination Eats, attend the grand opening of Hooters Jakarta in Kemang on Tuesday (09/05). (JG Photo/Agung Willis Yudha)

By : Diella Yasmine | on 2:17 PM May 10, 2017
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Jakarta. US-based restaurant chain Hooters held the grand opening of its new location in Kemang, South Jakarta, on Tuesday (09/05).

Developed by the Singapore-based franchise Destination Group and its subsidiary, Destination Eats, the restaurant boasts 228 square meters of floor space and a seating capacity for more than 100 guests.

Though the restaurant initially opened its doors on March 24, Hooters Indonesia general manager Sherry Suradji said the management team decided to delay the grand opening for further renovations.

"We want to give the best experience possible to our customers, so we made some last-minute renovations and changes," Sherry said.

Compared to its outlets in the United States, Hooters Jakarta is more family friendly – there is no minimum age for entry – and its staff less risqué.

"We want to deliver the fun and loving persona of the Hooters brand to our Indonesian customers. We want them to be able to enjoy eating here with their families," Sherry said.

She went on to add that waitresses at the Kemang location will adorn adjusted uniforms, or less sexually suggestive outfits compared to those worn by Hooters employees overseas.

The management team also said they have established regulations to discourage personal relations between staff and customers. For example, Hooters waitresses are forbidden to exchange phone numbers or contact information with restaurant patrons.

"We have told our employees to obey the regulations, and if we find out that they have skirted our rules, we will fire them," Sherry said.

Unlike their counterparts overseas, however, waitresses at the Kemang location are required to perform a short dance every 45 minutes.

"It's nothing sexy, we just want to offer something fun and unique."

Known internationally as a sports bar and restaurant, Hooters Jakarta will offer similar dishes as its overseas counterparts, though with a fun twist, Destination Eats marketing director Arun Ratnaa said.

"We offer some local sauces, like rendang, but we will probably only serve Indonesian for a limited period."

Arun also said the restaurant might serve a special menu during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan.

"We might do a fast-breaking menu that will have some local dishes on offer, and if they are well-received, we might add them permanently," Arun said.

The restaurant also offers vegetarian-friendly dishes, including the Mexican bean wrap, three-bean taco salad and veggie burger.

Other offerings include the Baja shrimp taco, TexMex nachos and buffalo shrimp.

Since its soft opening in March, Sherry said the restaurant has received a lot of positive responses from local customers.

"People have been curious about our restaurant, but in order to really understand Hooters Jakarta, people have to come and see it for themselves."

Hooters also operates regional branches in Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore.

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